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Dental Fillings

  • 1 h 20 min
  • 250 US dollars
  • Location 1

Service Description

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Contact Details

  • Bravo'Smile - Dental Design Tandartspraktijk, Delftsekade, Leidschendam, Netherlands

Our Services

Routine Consult
In this appointment, in addition to the detection of cavities, gum disease or other dental problems, the removal of tartar and bacterial plaque is also performed through ultrasonic tooth cleaner and preventive information for cleaning the teeth to prevent periodontitis and tooth decay appearance.
These dental visits should take place regularly, at least every six months, to maintain good oral hygiene and ensure a lasting smile.


Pediatric Dentistry is the specialty of Dentistry exclusively dedicated to the maintenance of the oral health of children, adolescents.

This specialty includes both the treatment and prevention of oral pathologies, since monitoring the development of the so-called "milk teeth" is essential not only to ensure correct phonetic and chewing functions but also, and above all, to diagnose and prevent prematurely potential problems, ensuring healthy permanent teeth.


Oral Hygiene


One of the main objectives is the education and promotion of good oral health habits. Maintaining the care recommended by the Oral Hygienist effectively eliminates the residues of food that accumulates in the teeth and gums. These include proper brushing (at least twice a day), the use of dental floss, and/or the use of elixirs.

In this appointment, the removal of tartar and bacterial plaque is also performed through Scaling and/or ultrasonic tooth cleaner and Prophylaxis.

Visits to the Oral Hygienist should be regular, at least every six months, to ensure a lasting smile.



Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry is the area of Dental Medicine responsible for the restoration of teeth that present carious lesions and changes in shape or coloration, and for the resolution of fractures, restoring the original appearance of the teeth.

We use the most diverse materials of high quality and adapted to each clinical case.

In addition to contributing to an improvement in oral functions, through the most diverse techniques, Dentistry gives the patient a healthy and beautiful smile, contributing to an increase in aesthetics, self-confidence, and social involvement.

Oral Surgery

It is a specialty dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of oral alterations, lesions, and pathologies.

Is responsible for all the surgical procedures related to the extraction of teeth that are impossible to maintain in the oral cavity, namely teeth with very extensive and non-restorable caries, teeth without bone support, and impacted teeth, among others.

To avoid future problems after tooth removal, at Bravo'Smile you can found all specialties of dentistry, which allows you a multifunctional treatment. This involves the use of implantology (the insertion of dental implants), periodontal treatment  (the treatment of gum diseases), orthodontic treatments (correction of the position of the teeth), and prosthetic treatments (removal prostheses, bridges of implanted support prostheses).



The preservation of the dental structure is the priority of this specialty, which removes the nerve from the tooth and promotes the sealing of the channels with materials suitable for this purpose.

When we see better we work better. The use of optical magnification allows greater efficiency in the elaboration of the treatment. The safety of our patients always comes first,  so these treatments are performed under absolute isolation (see photo).

At Bravo'Smile we create an optimal and comfortable experience for both patient and doctor.


Invisible orthodontic treatments

It is a removable and invisible orthodontic system. It is possible to perform an effective and discreet orthodontic treatment using the invisible orthodontic system. These transparent aligners are an alternative to metal braces in almost all cases. Because it is removable, this system enables easy daily oral hygiene through brushing and flossing. Regular oral hygiene, reduces the presence of plaque, preventing the appearance of future oral problems.

coroa .jpeg

Crowns & Bridges

After the preparation on the tooth, an impression is made, from which the dental technician reproducing the crown and/or facing. The color of the crown or facing is determined in consultation with the patient. 

After two to three weeks, the crown or facing will be ready and can be placed by us. We recommend this choice because it is a long-term solution. In the meantime, we will, of course, help you with a temporary plastic solution (crown).

Nature while maintaining aesthetics and function is the main purpose of this treatment. Crowns and bridges are tailored to each case, face, and purpose. You will have an aesthetic solution made for you individually.

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In a dentition that is not recoverable, implants will be the basis of your health and recovery of dental function and aesthetics. It is a cylindrical piece that is inserted into the jaw bone to replace the missing tooth root. After insertion, the bone around the implant attaches to its surface, creating an artificial root that acts as a foundation for placing individual crowns, bridges that replace more teeth, or a complete dental prosthesis. The stability of the connection to the jawbone allows the implants to function for a long time. Rehabilitation on natural-looking implants not only gives you a confident smile but also transfers chewing forces back to the jawbone. This is essential for stimulating bone health and maintaining the shape of your face.

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Teeth Whitening

Dental position and smile color are two factors with high psychosocial impact. In today’s society, the appearance has a very high weight, so the pursuit of a whiter smile, beyond harmonious, is a constant in our clinic!

Dental whitening can be performed in the office, or in the comfort of your home using trays.
The performance of tooth whitening does not compromise the tooth enamel, the outermost and the hardest layer of our body.

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